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Jim Coffren

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Jim Coffren

Fleet/Transportation Expert

Jim Coffren, a 30-year veteran in the transportation industry, and visionary of leveraging technology to produce analytical and management systems.

Jim Coffren is a 30-year veteran in the transportation industry and a visionary in leveraging technology to produce analytical and management systems. Jim is an advisor and consultant to many areas within the transportation industry, who actively engage stakeholders from the shop floor to the board room.

For 18 years, Jim worked in application engineering, Vocational equipment design, assembly, production planning, and job costing. In 2003, Jim then focused on Lean / Six Sigma and process improvement, Business Intelligence, predictive analytics, data integration via telematics, and IoT. This spurred Jim’s passion for creative and novel approaches to leveraging data and data acquisition methods to improve the management effectiveness of trucking companies.

As a thought leader and creator/influencer in trucking, Jim’s work can be seen throughout such things as Navistar’s Repair Advocate & Connected Vehicle Platform, PeopleNet’s MPG Guarantee Program, technology improvements in fuel economy of Class8 trucks supporting OEM performance engineering, and drive trans component engineering groups, with data integration and analytics for quality improvement, life cycle costing, maintenance cost reduction.

In recent years, Jim has actively immersed himself in Big Data management systems in architecting data warehousing and BI Platform configuration, optimizing data aggregations for business process improvement, and closed-loop management systems. Always from the perspective of the consumer / VOC of the trucking company owner.

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