Turn Your Fleet Data into Business Growth Engine

Optimize Fuel Efficiency with AI​​

Fuel cost is a significant expense in the cost per mile. Improve gallons per mile to maximize profits

Profit Per Mile = Revenue Per Mile – Cost Per Mile

  • Predict fuel savings
  • Quantify business impact
  • Recommend actions​

The average annual fuel savings is $1,050 ​ per truck​

Maximize asset reliability on the Road​​

Detect Anomalies Faster, Classify Severity and Predict Potential Failures

Gain greater visibility into your vehicle health with our AI-powered predictive maintenance solution.​

Key Benefits

  • Reduce vehicle downtime​
  • Improve fuel efficiency 
  • Lower repair and maintenance costs​
  • Improve safety​ and last-mile delivery

Enable Your Drivers with AI-Powered Insights​

Drivers are at the heart of the fleet organization. Enabling drivers is crucial to driving the overall performance of the fleet.

Fleet Intellect deeply understands the drivers and the effects on fuel economy, idling, safety, last-mile delivery, and enables drivers with:

  • Self-coaching star-ranked performance scorecards
  • Safety recommendations
  • Job satisfaction


  • Reduced fuel costs
  • Enhanced productivity​
  • Improved driver safety
  • Delighted consumer experience​

Accelerate Turning Fleet Data into Business Insights

Unlock the Value of Data

Fleet Intellect is designed to collect and process data from multiple, disparate sources to generate business insights with a 360-degree view into your fleet operations.

Fleet Intellect data service provides intelligence on:

  • Business growth drivers
  • Impact of external and internal factors on the business
  • Data-driven AI-predicted actionable insights for fleet productivity

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