Improve Fuel Efficiency with
Predictive Fuel Management

Identify factors affecting fuel economy

Predict and quantify fuel savings

Improve fuel efficiency with actionable insights

Our AI Platform learns from your trips, vehicle diagnostics, driver behavior, and external data to quantify fuel-saving opportunities

  • Trips normalized by vehicle load and ambient temperature
  • Grouping of vehicles with similar specifications
  • Grouping of drivers that operate similar vehicles and have similar mileage
  • Savings quantified by contributing factors

Weekly predicted savings opportunity dashboard

  • Get a holistic view of a weekly fuel performance for your entire fleet and identify fuel savings
  • Insights into fuel waste from activities such as idling and speeding
  • Dynamically calculate the fuel savings with different filters
  • Proactively prioritize and coach drivers based on their fuel savings
  • Identification and exploration of the list of under-performing vehicles based on fuel efficiency to schedule maintenance
Fuel Opportunity
Driver Fuel Scorecard

Driver fuel performance scorecard

  • Overall fuel performance score and star rating
  • Quantified fuel savings by specific driving behaviors
    • Idling
    • Speeding
    • Rapid acceleration
    • Harsh braking
    • Hard cornering
  • Potential causes associated with driving behaviors
  • Self-coaching tips for drivers to improve driving behaviors
Over speeding Recommendations

Recommendations for improving driving behaviors

  • Recommended miles are driven per day
  • Suggested short and long break durations
  • Speeding must be avoided locations at all the times
  • Excessive idling must be avoided​
Over speeding Zones
Idling Recommendations

The average annual fuel savings is $1,050 ​ per truck​