Accelerate Turning Fleet Data into

Business Insights


Connect and transport data from all relevant internal & external sources


Apply data quality, Integrate, Aggregate, and store in a single version of the truth


Organize and publish the actionable insights with the right lens to different consumers

Data Integration

Integrate and Transform your Entire Fleet Data into Actionable Insights

  • Integrated with fleet telematics
  • Integrated with fuel card systems
  • Integrated with dispatch systems and CRM systems
  • Integrated with external data such as vehicle specs, weather, and accidents
  • Data governance, Data quality, Security, Metadata management

Data Warehouse 2.0

Transform your business model into the data model

  • A well-designed dimensional data model with facts and dimensions to integrate and transform your data into a useful information asset
  • Centralized data to avoid inconsistencies across sources and faster retrieval of data
  • Better understanding of business processes
  • Enhanced conformity and quality of data
  • Revenue growth and competitive advantage

API Integration


Obtains the fuel-saving opportunity for a driver’s trips for the given dates/times. If the from date and to date are in the middle of the week, the data for the whole week are included.


The output includes the miles driven, fuel consumed, total savings opportunity, idle opportunity, moving opportunity, cost per mile, opportunity per mile, drive name, driver id, vehicle id, overall driver rank compared to a pear group, fuel-saving opportunity by each driving behavioral factor, and more


  • Credentials – Login and Password
  • Driver id – Optional. If the driver is not provided, then API will return the output for all the drivers
  • From date – Optional. If the from date is not provided, then default it to Jan 1st of the current year
  • To date – Optional. If the to date is not provided, the default is to today’s date

GetVehicleFuelEfficiency (…)

Obtains the vehicle fuel efficiency based on expected MPG vs. Actual MPG for a vehicle’s trips for the given dates/times. If the from date and to date are in the middle of the week, the data for the whole week is included.


Obtains the driver safety score compared to the best peer group for a given month


Obtains the driver’s current churn score showing the likelihood of the driver leaving the organization